Scholarship Highlights

A one-of-a-kind, brand-new whole life product
that comes with a Free College Scholarship.
There is no cost for a family to enroll.

  • 400+ member colleges* in 45 states participate in the Free College Scholarship Program. Our growth rate is typically 2 new colleges per month.
  • Over $80,000,000 in submitted tuition discounts
  • More than 450,000 students are now enrolled in Tuition Rewards®.*
  • Active clients earn additional Tuition Reward Points twice per year.
  • The scholarship is a great 529 plan alternative or add on.
  • The scholarship has a maximum value of one full year’s tuition (spread evenly over 4 years) and represents the minimum aid that our students are guaranteed to receive from a member college.
  • There is no maximum to the amount of Reward Points that your family can earn.
  • Annuity Products, Critical Illness, and Disability income policies now available with a no-cost scholarship.